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Welcome to West Haven Youth Hockey

Welcome to West Haven Youth Hockey

Our Mission:

 -To provide a fun and safe environment for everyone involved in our organization.


 -Provide the skills and education to prepare the player for the next level in our program.


 -Demonstrate how to respect the game of hockey and understand the importance of fair play, while building character and confidence for our players.


 -Develop life-long relationships that will last throughout their years in our program and beyond.


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WHHS Alumni Game/Chris Scranton Fundraiser
A fundraiser will be held at this Saturday's West Haven High...
USA Hockey ADM Meeting
Please join us on December 14th at the West Shore Fire...
Texas Roadhouse Rib Rally-cancelled
The Texas Roadhouse Rib Rally scheduled for Tues, Dec 13th has been...
Whitie Bensen Online Store
REMINDER!     West Haven Youth Hockey currently has...
Learn to Play Update
Learn to Play Update   Starting the weekend of December...
West Haven Youth Hockey Article
  From Mike Madera at westieblue.com     By...
Public Skate Discount!
Public Skate Discount!!!!   Any West Haven Youth Hockey...
Dasher Board Advertising Program
Bennett Rink 2016 - 2017   Dasher Board Advertising Program...
Online Payment Instructions
Credit Card and eCheck payments can now be made online by logging...
West Haven Youth Hockey Mailing Address
West Haven Youth Hockey PO Box 17453 West Haven, CT 06516
WHHS Alumni Game/Chris Scranton Fundraiser

A fundraiser will be held at this Saturday's West Haven High School Alumni Game for Chris Scranton.  If you are not aware Chris, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident some weeks ago.  Despite the severity of his injuries Chris is making a remarkable recovery.  Donations will be accepted for Chris and his family during the game.


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USA Hockey ADM Meeting

Please join us on December 14th at the West Shore Fire Department- Dawson Avenue , 7:00pm.

All are invited to attend!




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Texas Roadhouse Rib Rally-cancelled

The Texas Roadhouse Rib Rally scheduled for Tues, Dec 13th has been cancelled.  

If you paid for any orders, please see the person you placed the order with for a refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience.





by posted 12/01/2016
Whitie Bensen Online Store



West Haven Youth Hockey currently has an online store with White Bensen for team apparel!


The online store will be open until Monday December 5, 2016.

To shop visit:  


Jackets, Sweatshirts, hats, blankets and more!


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Learn to Play Update

Learn to Play Update


Starting the weekend of December 3rd, the LTP Practice times will be changing due to high school season starting. The new schedule is as follows…
Saturdays 7:30-8:20am
Sundays 11am-12pm
These times will be consistent for every week until the end of the season, which is the end of February.

The second session for LTP begins on Saturday, December 10th, 2016. The cost for the second session is $200 and is due on the morning of December 10th during reregistration, which will take place in the lobby that morning. Online registration is also available if you would like to pay by e-check or credit card, click on the red "Register Now" button.  

 If anyone has any questions or would like to work out a payment plan, please contact LTP Director Callan McKeon at callan.mckeon@sbcglobal.net. We are still taking new players, if anyone would like to sign up for the first time, please contact Callan McKeon. 


by posted 11/29/2016
West Haven Youth Hockey Article


From Mike Madera at westieblue.com



By Mike Madera


The 2016-2017 West Haven Youth Hockey season is under way and many changes are in place. While the abundance of change is ongoing, the two people leading the way are not new to the area.

Behind the leadership of Joe Morrell, who is the Director of Hockey operations at Bennett Rink, and new league President Kyle Bensen, the program has taken a quick change for the better. Morrell and Bensen are no strangers in town, with Morrell the long-time high school hockey coach, and Bensen running the iconic Whitie Bensen hockey and lacrosse equipment store.

For Bensen, he returns to his roots as he began his career as a player in the league’s inaugural season in 1968. His mission is easily stated.

“I feel it is time to give back to the organization that provided me with a solid foundation, not only in the world of hockey, but in life in general,” Bensen said in a release to the league upon his appointment as President. “I had success and heartache throughout my tenure as a player in West Haven Youth Hockey, but the one constant was the positive reinforcement I received from all the dedicated volunteer moms, dads, and coaches with whom I came in contact. Most importantly, I learned how to be a part of a team. The lesson of learning to win or lose with dignity and class was foremost.”

With numbers continually dwindling over the past several years, the league has implemented many new facets of hockey to raise awareness and bring in a greater number of players at all levels.

The initial focus was on the Learn to Play and Mite programs and the numbers have increased tremendously in a few short months.

Through the West Haven Youth Hockey League and Whitie Bensen, a tremendous opportunity was afforded to potential new players and families.

The Learn to Play program began September 17 and is at no cost for the first 12 weeks. Not only is the program free for three months, a package subsidized by the West Haven Youth Hockey League through Whitie Bensen Athletic Equipment and only available for West Haven Youth Hockey Learn to Play participants offers equipment, including helmet with cage, elbow and shin pads, gloves, stick and skates (up to size 13), for $75 and the same package with skates up to size 5 for $90. Jerseys are also provided by the league.

The Learn to Play Program, which is run by Learn to Play Director Callan McKeon and currently has 54 kids, has often been rebuffed by some people as the time slot was often viewed as too early in the morning. McKeon’s West Haven program makes it family friendly, starting at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. on Sunday.

“This program is vital to the life of West Haven youth hockey,” McKeon, who is also the Coaching and Player Development Director of the league, said. “This is how we get kids into our program and keep them in the sport. Without this program, West Haven youth hockey would not exist in a few years.

“A few years ago, we had very low numbers, fewer than 20 kids, which we are now feeling the effects of in our older age groups. By having the amount of kids we have now, we hope to regain our numbers in our travel program to back what they used to be five or ten years ago.”

Morrell, who also runs the highly successful street hockey league over the summer, has also been a part of the high school team’s Great Skate and Midnight Madness, which attracts a high number of youth hockey players to the event, and Skate with Santa. Morrell is leading the way to rid the myth hockey at a young age is not affordable or too early for kids to participate.

"We need to get more West Haven kids involved," Morrell said. "We are trying to get as many West Haven kids as we can to grow the game. Not every West Haven kid plays. The low numbers affect us on the high school level. We need to get more on the youth level. We have 52 kids in the Learn to Play which is a high number. We are happy with that. If we can get 50 kids every year, it only helps as the kids get older."

Morrell and Bensen do not just have an eye out for the younger kids. They are out to grow and improve the entire league.

Just one month into the season, kids and teams have the opportunity to skate up to six times a week with skills and drills sessions on Monday’s and Friday’s, two practices a week, and two games a week.    To continue reading this article, please click on the Media Article link on the left side of the page.


by posted 11/17/2016
Public Skate Discount!

Public Skate Discount!!!!


Any West Haven Youth Hockey player who wears their jersey to Public Skate will be charged the discounted rate of $3.00!!!

Wear your jersey proudly!!!!!



by posted 11/11/2016
Dasher Board Advertising Program

Bennett Rink 2016 - 2017  

Dasher Board Advertising Program  

Expose your business to thousands of potential customers from throughout Connecticut and the region.  

Over 500,000 people frequent events held here at the arena annually. 

Your ad will receive approximately 100 views per event per spectator. 

This equates to hundreds of thousands of views per ad each year. 

Why advertise with us?  

Bennett Rink is home to:  

  • West Haven Youth Hockey Teams
  • West Haven Boys High School Hockey Team
  • West Haven Girls High School Hockey Team
  • Amity Boys High School Hockey Team
  • Notre Dame of West Haven  Boys Hockey Team
  • University Of New Haven Men's Hockey Team
  • SCHL Men’s Hockey League Games
  • We host:  
  • Youth Hockey League Tournaments
  • High School Boys Christmas Hockey Tournament
  • High School Boys State Playoffs Tournaments
  • Learn to Play Hockey Clinics
  • Open Skate  

Let OUR organization help YOUR business!  

These groups, programs and organizations bring in thousands of customers annually – which means thousands of prospective customers just waiting to be exposed to your business. 

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck – this is it!  

Dasher boards are available for a introductory rate of $1,000.00 for 2 years and $750 for each additional year. All you need to do is provide us with your artwork, we’ll handle the rest. Your ad or logo will be reproduced in FULL COLOR according to your specifications and covered with a clear sheet of Lexan upon installation to protect it. If you’re interested in pursuing an advertising opportunity for your business or have any questions, please contact: Dom Boanno, dboanno@yahoo.com, or Kristy Alling, kl.biela@gmail.com. 

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Online Payment Instructions

Credit Card and eCheck payments can now be made online by logging in to our website, click on 'My Acount' at the top, then click on the 'Pay Now' button in the lower right corner, or you can click on the link in your payment reminder e-mail

There are several payment options available:

  • Pay the full balance in one installment
  • Pay in two equal installments due on June 1st and August 1st
  • Pay in four equal installments due on June 1st, July 1st, August 1st and September 1st

Please refer to the costs and payment schedules that can be found in the 'Documents' section of our Home Page.  Please be aware that the online balances shown may not be accurate, the league uses other methods to track payments and balances.  

Checks payable to West Haven Youth Hockey can be placed in the WHYH payment box in the lobby of the rink or mailed to:

PO Box 17453

West Haven, CT  06516


Please see the example of the payment screen below for Credit Card and eCheck payments


Before entering your credit card or bank information and clicking on the 'Submit Payment' at the bottom of the payment screen, it is very important to change the amount in the 'Unit $' box to the amount that you are paying at this time, then pressing the 'Tab' key.  After pressing 'Tab' the 'Total to Charge' amount will also change.  If you don't change the amount, your credit card or bank account will be charged the full amount due. 


Payment Screen Example


Qty. Description Unit $ Total
1 Players Name- 2016-2017 $ 400.00 $400.00
Subtotal:  $400.00
Applicable CT Sales Tax:  $0.00
Total to Charge:  $400.00


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West Haven Youth Hockey Mailing Address

West Haven Youth Hockey
PO Box 17453
West Haven, CT 06516

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